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Old-War it's back!21.04.14 11:15:33
Welcome to Old-War v15!
This server is meant to be a Fun server, so there are some changes on spells, to avoid spam on them.
Morthur: 1 soul
Exura sio: 1 soul
Exevo gran mas vis: 3 soul
Utamo vita was removed from the game
The server count with many systems that you can enjoy with your friends.

The server is currently hosted in the(Miami, FL).
Some additions:

Cast system
Cam in game
Ping in game
Bomberman Event
Last man standing(one shoot rune)
Utamo vita arena
Bounty Hunters
And many fixes to make the server smoother, and less lag for other countries.

Remember to use the !buy command in order to buy pots, ssa's and more.
by GM Lording[Comments: 1]
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